The entire recruitment process is done remotely. To apply for a fruit picking job at one of Fieldstone's plantations, send an email to and we will get back to you. You can also apply for a job through one of our Recruitment Representatives. Please note that an official Fieldstone representative does not charge recruitment or work permit fees. Recruitment, immigration advice, obtaining a work permit are all free of charge, our staff do not charge recruitment fees.
If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact us at or on 00447711165522
You will receive the job offer by email before you travel to Poland, you are going to sign a copy of your contract upon your arrival.
Yes, if you are accepted during the recruitment process, we will do our best to arrange a joint arrival date, location, and accommodation.
Yes, a work permit is required to legally work in Poland. We as an employer are responsible for obtaining work permits for our employees. We do not engage intermediaries in the process of getting the work permits and we meet the cost associated with obtaining wok permit. You should never be charger by any agent for arranging the work permit.
Our administrative officer will ask you to send a copy of your CV and passport to go with your work permit application. No other documents are required. Please make sure that your passport is valid for the duration of stay in Poland, this will make it easier to obtain the work permit, but also allow you to travel to and from Poland. Holders of EU or EEC passports must ensure that the passport is valid for the duration of entire stay. Holders of non-EU or non-EEC must ensure that their passport is valid for the entire period of stay and a minimum of 3 months afterwards, passport should have been issued within the last 10 years and have at least 2 blank pages where the visa or stamps certifying the border crossing are affixed. Without meeting these conditions, the traveller will not be allowed to enter Poland.
The job involves, working with a fresh fruit environment and your duties will involved picking of fresh fruit as per required standards, basic quality checks and quality assurance of fresh fruit, some lifting of boxes may be needed. You will be required to maintain a high level of food hygiene and follow H&S requirements. To meet customer orders, the job require flexibility on the working hours and rest days, early starts and late finish. It is manual and repetitive job. Our plantations are very modern, with high quality produce, easy to harvest. The raspberry we grow have a large fruit; the bushes are thornless which makes harvesting easier. Strawberries are grown in special troughs, which enable the fruit to be picked in a standing position and thus eliminate the problem of bending over. Picking fruit can be rewarding and is certainly a great stress reliever. It is a combination of many skills, from physical work, mental work, as well as getting used to unusual working hours. The role of a seasonal worker often requires getting up early, as soft fruit is not picked in full sun, high temperatures. This can make the days seem long and hard. Be prepared for this and organise your rest, accordingly, including getting enough sleep. Well-suited clothing and footwear to protect against heat or cold should help to facilitates safety and comfort of your work.
Sławoszynko Plantation is in the north of Poland in a coastal area, in one of the most beautiful and ecologically clean regions of Poland. Sławoszynko, Krokowa municipality is located 60 km/1 hour drive from Gdańsk airport. Borowa Plantation is in central Poland, near Lodz, approx. 80 km/1 h 10 min drive from Lodz airport
The season starts in June and lasts until the end of October/November. We are looking for motivated workers who can work during entire or most of the season. Employees working to company standards will be offered a job for the following season. We are happy that team of returning workers is growing every year!
It is not a problem if you don’t speak polish language. There are many non-polish speakers working with us, our team speaks many foreign languages (Ukrainian, Russian, English and others). You will meet co-workers who will help you communicate during your work.
Yes, the office staff will assist you in opening a Polish bank account upon your arrival. If you need cash, our staff will help you to find the cash machine where you can get it free of charge from your account.
Yes, the office staff will assist you in opening a Polish bank account upon your arrival. If you need cash, our staff will help you to find the cash machine where you can get it free of charge from your account.
No, Fieldstone does not cover the cost of transport to Poland. Employees organise and pay for their own transport to Poland. Our team can pick you up from the airport, train station or bus station near the plantation. If you arrive by your own car, you can use free of charge employee car park.
Yes, on arrival you will sign an employment contract which allows you to use medical assistance in Poland. If you need consultations or medical assistance while working with us, our team will help you book an appointment at a doctor's surgery.
No, but is an advantage. Many of our employees have never worked in harvesting before. The basic requirement is that you are physically fit, motivated, and prepared to work hard. We will provide you with the necessary training and support.
The training lasts about a week and focuses on how to acquire the manual skills to pick fruit efficiently, and this will in turn make your work easier and more productive. You will be paid during the training.
Yes, this is possible, but we do not recommend it. It is important to us that every employee has at least one day off per week. On average, you work around ten hours a day, so time off is much needed for regeneration and rest
Yes, we offer fully furnished free accommodation on site for our employees. The accommodation is located on the plantation site, this allows quick access to the workplace without unnecessary transport and costs. Accommodation is four-bed rooms with access to bathroom, kitchen, laundry, and internet.
No, our employees do not incur any costs for accommodation and bills such as water, electricity, gas, and internet. It helps to ensure that the money you earn is not spent on living costs.
We provide access to an equipped kitchen, facilitate access to grocery shops but cost of food and meal preparation is on your personal responsibility.